• Environmental Awareness and Compliance Certification and Training (EPA Out Reach Training)
  • Toxic Release Inventory Report Formulation and Programming
  • Environmental Management Systems Programming
  • Pollution Planning Prevention Plan Formulation and Programming
  • Emergency Preparedness and Community Right To Know Act (EPCRA)
  • Storm Water Prevention Planning
  • Special District Formulation
  • Enterprise Zone Creation
  • Application Processing
  • Workforce Training
  • Business Relocation/Retention Tax Incentives
  • Site Assessment and Feasibility Study

Environmental Planning

economic development

urban Planning

  • Land Use, Transportation, and Water Resource Planning
  • Urban Planning Research
  • Formulation/ Recommendation for Planning Policies/ Ordinances
  • Technical Training Workshop Assistance for Municipalities
  • Procedures Review for Rezoning, Public Hearings and Board of Adjustment Requests

planning to preserve the future

our mission

DC Planning promotes the interdependence of land use and development, environmental preservation and conservation, and transportation infrastructures, while uniting the disciplines of planning, design, engineering, architecture and market research in support of sustainable development.

DC Planning brings together developers,engineers, planners, architects, industry representatives, citizen groups, public officials, and other dedicated to fostering appropriate development decisions at the local, regional, state and national levels.